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Apr 30.2024
【Holiday Closing Notice】
We will be closed from May 3 to May 6.
We will reopen on May 7 with regular clinic hours.
Dec 1.2023
【Holiday Closing Notice】
We will be closed for the New Year's holiday season from December 30 to January 3.
We will reopen on January 4 with regular clinic hours.
Feb 8.2023
【Regarding the appointment for Women’s Health Department】
We will be accepting the appointments for April and May 2023 from tomorrow.
Apr 1.2020
The outpatient for Neurology has ended on March 31,2020
Dec 18. 2017
We started the medical treatment of the anal specialist from 2020.Jan.4th.
Oct 11. 2017
The Dermatology Department has been added to our outpatient serviced

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Consultations and Examinations

esides general outpatient consultations, our services include outpatient clinics in sleep apnea syndrome (SAS), specialized women’s health examinations and PET-CT cancer screening.

Outpatient /
Checkup Appointments
Appointment Service Desk
9:00 〜 18:00 (Final check-in 17:30)

Membership Health Support

St. Luke’s MediLocus Club

The “Membership Health Support” provided at St. Luke’s MediLocus rests on the three pillars of health screening, fitness support and cooperative information support. Applying all available approaches, we set and recommend a detailed, personalized preventive medical plan for you.

To Medical Professionals

On Referral of Patients

St. Luke’s MediLocus accepts requests for Outpatient consultations and examinations/tests from other medical institutions.

Outpatient / Checkup Appointments

St. Luke’s MediLocus
Appointment Service Desk


All Other Inquiries

St. Luke’s MediLocus
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Operating hours

Weekdays 9:00 〜 18:00

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