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Health Screening

Began in 1954, we are the origin of
the health screening.

Health screening is a comprehensive medical checkup, nowadays fundamental to health care. It began in Japan in 1954 at the First National Hospital (current National Center for Global Health and Medicine) and St. Luke’s International Hospital. At St. Luke’s MediLocus, members will receive twice-a-year health screenings (1st time lifestyle diseases screening, and 2nd time cancer screening or cardiovascular disease screening, upon the member’s choice). The results will be provided with high quality reports in cooperation with the medical specialists at St. Luke’s International Hospital.

Determined to improve the quality of life,
as a pioneer in preventive medicine.

St. Luke’s International Hospital is truly a pioneer in the field of preventive medicine, creating the first comprehensive health screening program in Japan. At St. Luke’s MediLocus, there thrives the spirit of those early pioneers who first proposed the need to improve the quality of life by knowing oneself and one’s potential through the medical checkup. Check out our distinguished preventive medicine program at St.Luke’s MediLocus.


Health Screening Examination List

Basic Medical Checkup (Hours required. Male: approx. 5.5hours. Female: approx. 6 hours)

Examination Items Details
Medical Interview, Examination, Counseling medical interview and examination by physician.
Body Measurement height, weight, obesity index, BMI, body fat percentage, abdominal circumference
Urinalysis protein, glucose, ketone body, occult blood, urinary sediment (red blood cells, white blood cells), specific gravity, urobilinogen, pH
Blood Tests Biochemistry Tests total protein, albumin, A/G ratio, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, GOT, GPT, ALP, LDH, γ-GTP, cholinesterase, amylase, blood sugar (glucose), HbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c), total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride, BUN (blood urea nitrogen), creatinine, eGFR, uric acid Na (sodium), K (potassium), CI (chloride), Ca (calcium), P (phosphorus),CPK
General Blood Tests WBC count, RBC count, platelets, hemoglobin (blood pigment), hematocrit, differential WBC count [neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes, lymphocytes], MCV (Mean corpuscular volume), MCH (Mean corpuscular hemoglobin), MCHC (Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), blood type
Serological Tests CRP, syphilis (RPR, TP antibody), HBs antigen, HBs antibody, HCV antibody, rheumatoid factor
Thyroid Function Tests TSH・FT4
Tumor Markers CEA (colon cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.), CA19-9 (digestive system cancer such as pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.), PSA (for men only, prostate cancer), CA125 (for women only, ovarian cancer)
Eyes funduscopy, intraocular pressure, visual acuity
Ears Hearing
Bones, Muscles Bone density, body function measurement (S・O・A・P)
Respiratory Organs pulmonary function test/chest X-ray/chest CT
Digestive Organs upper gastrointesinal endoscopy/ fecal occult blood test/ abdominal ultrasound/ visceral fat area (CT)
(for woman only)
Gynecological Examinations Cervical pap smear, HPV test, transvaginal ultrasound, gynecological examination
Breast Examinations mammography, breast ultrasound
Cardiovascular System blood pressure/ pulse rate/ resting ECG (electrocardiogram)/ NT-proBNP

Advanced health checks (selecting both courses for the first year, and either one course after the second year)

Cancer Screening
(Required time: approx. 5 hours)
Helicobacter pylori testing (pepsinogen blood test, urea breath test) sputum cytology
thyroid ultrasound pelvic MRI
colonoscopy (Re-scheduling available upon request) PET-CT (neck to thigh)
Blood Tests nutrition counseling by dietician
Body function measurement
(S・O・A・P) (Re-scheduling available upon request)
Cardiovascular Disease Screening
(Required time: approx. 4 hours)
NT-PRO BNP atherosclerosis exam (CAVI, ABI)
brain MRI / brain MRA echocardiogram/ carotid ultrasound
Body function measurement (S・O・A・P) higher brain function test
  nutrition counseling by dietician

The items listed above may be subject to future change.
Also, all or a part of the items above may not be available when we consider it difficult to ensure the safety of the members or the utility of the results, etc.

Annual Schedule (Example)

Month of request After 1month After 4month After 5month After 8month
Basic medical checkup + SOAP※1 Conditioning Blood vascular system examination + Nutrition education + SOAP※1 Conditioning Cancer Screening
Second year and after
Month of request After 1month After 6month After 7month
Basic medical checkup + SOAP※1 Conditioning※2 Blood vascular system examination + Nutrition education + SOAP※1 Conditioning
Cancer Screening + Nutrition education S・O・A・P+

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