St. Luke's International Hospital Branch Clinic, St. Luke's MediLocus

Members Support

Members Support

Health screening is not the only interrelationship of St. Luke’s MediLocus and our members. Our staff is here to continually support you by providing health information and offering best care and treatment when needed.

Medical Cooperation"We assist you in making referrals and appointments"

When specialized medical care or treatment becomes necessary as a result of your health screening, we will refer you to St. Luke’s International Hospital or to an appropriate medical institution. St.Luke’s MediLocus and St. Luke’s International Hospital have established a seamless system of cooperation among staff and information. St. Luke’s International Hospital provides full support to St. Luke’s MediLocus.

Seminars and Medical Information

We will build a relationship with our members not only at the time of health screening but also through small-group health seminars and useful medical and health information magazines supervised by specialists of each medical department. We also provide our members with telephone consultations by the medical staff of St. Luke's MediLocus.

Retrospective-Modern Atmosphere

Make yourself at home in a members-exclusive area, designed with a retrospective-modern interior expressing St. Luke’s tradition. The arching beams produce a spacious lobby area where you can enjoy a comfortable time in a relaxing atmosphere.

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