St. Luke's International Hospital Branch Clinic, St. Luke's MediLocus

MediLocus Club Membership
St. Luke’s MediLocus Club

The “Membership Health Support” provided
at St. Luke’s MediLocus rests on
the three pillars of health screening,
fitness support and cooperative information support.
Applying all available approaches,
we set and recommend a detailed,
personalized preventive medical plan for you.


Health, your greatest asset.

More people come to realize that health is their greatest asset amid their busy present daily lives. It is natural that there are growing demands for thoughtful, attentive medical care and high quality advices. St. Luke’s MediLocus is a health-promoting club membership aimed to respond to such real healthcare needs of modern people. In association with the philosophy and traditions of St. Luke’s International Hospital, we offer a thorough health care plan with a balanced combination of medical and fitness services. We provide the best support to match your individualized health needs and lifestyle preferences.

Comprehensive support backed up by a general hospital.

Age・Gender・Busy Schedule・Clinical History・Lifestyle・Athlete-oriented Comprehensive Menu, Lifestyle disease screening, Cancer screening, Cardiovascular disease screening, Assessment of body functions, Nutrition counseling, Seminars and healthcare information Healthy life Seminars and healthcare  information for our members

Our "Membership Health Support" constitutes of three pillars: a thorough health screening, fitness support, and cooperation-information services. We propose to each member a careful and detailed preventive health care plans. Using our strength as a member of the general hospital, we are able to provide full line-up medical checkup at one stop.

A small membership program which allows precise healthcare for each member.

We offer thoughtful hospitality and detailed services that can only be provided by a small membership program. Experience a special time; it’s not quite the same as your usual visit to a hospital.

Membership Fee

Types of Membership Admission Fee Annual fee (for annual payment) Annual fee (for monthly payment)
Individual member 1,980,000Yen/per person 660,000Yen/per person 55,000Yen/per person
Family member 990,000Yen/per person 660,000Yen/per person 55,000Yen/per person
Corporate member 1,980,000Yen/per person 660,000Yen/per person 55,000Yen/per person

Price list

  • The prices include consumption tax.
  • The admission fees for corporate members will be calculated based on the number of contracts. Please contact us for further details.
  • Offering fees may change under future operational conditions.
  • Admission fees and annual fees are non-refundable under any circumstances
  • Details on MediLocus membership are subject to St.Luke’s MediLocus Club By-Laws and regulations.
    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Membership Health Support: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there extra costs besides the membership fee involved in undergoing the “Ningen (human) dock” health screening medical checkup?
The membership fee covers the expenses of the medical checkup as well as use of the fitness club services.
Can one undergo other medical consultations than the medical checkups?
If the results of the medical checkup indicate points of concern, these are handled with consultations at St. Luke’s MediLocus Outpatients. If it is considered necessary to undergo more detailed and specialized tests/treatment, you may be referred to St. Luke’s International Hospital.
What is the difference between private and corporate membership?
There are no differences in the content of services that are available to private and corporate members. In case multiple persons enter under a single corporate membership, there is a discount on the original personal entrance fee.
Is it possible to take a tour of the facilities?
Tours of the facilities can be arranged at any time. Please call to make an appointment. A time for the tour will be arranged with the person in charge.