St. Luke's International Hospital Branch Clinic, St. Luke's MediLocus

To Medical Professionals

Referral of Patients

St. Luke’s MediLocus accepts requests
for Outpatient consultations
and examinations/tests
from other medical institutions.

Contact information/For Inquiries
St. Luke’s MediLocus (main switchboard No.)
Weekdays: 9:00〜18:00 Saturdays 10:00〜15:00

Referral of Patients

Outpatient consultations

We have introduced an advance reservation system; therefore, please contact the hospital to schedule an appointment.


Referral requests from other medical institutions to only perform tests are accepted.
Please call us to apply for the concerned tests, and then submit the designated Release of Medical Information Form and the Test Application Forms by FAX.
When the tests have been completed, we will read and interpret the test data and return these results to the referring medical institution by postal mail.
Depending on the availability situation of the test equipment, it may be possible to undergo tests on the same day as they are requested; therefore, please contact us.

Tests Days of availability
PET/CT Mon - Sat
CT (without contrast) Mon - Sat
CT (with contrast) Tue/Wed/Thu – all days in the afternoon (PM)
MRI (without contrast) Mon - Sat
MRI (with contrast) Mon/Fri – both days in the afternoon (PM)
Ultrasound Abdominal/Thyroid Mon/Wed/Sat
Carotid arteries * Please inquire
Heart Tue/Wed
Breast * Please inquire
Plain X-rays Mon - Sat
Mammography Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat
Bone density Mon - Sat
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy Mon – Fri(These tests are performed in the morning (AM) in principle, but sometimes also in the afternoon (PM))
Lower gastrointestinal endoscopy Mon - Fri(The time of the test is in the afternoon (PM))

How to make an advance reservation

Please contact the main switchboard at St. Luke’s MediLocus, and follow the flow indicated here.


  1. Schedule an appointment for an outpatient consultation and tests by phone

    Please call St. Luke’s MediLocus. The date and time will be scheduled right then.
    We request that the attending physician or nurse or the reception staff of the medical institution contact us. Information needed: Name and telephone number of the referring medical institution, the tests requested, the preferred dates for the tests, and the name and birth date of the patient undergoing the tests.

  2. Submit the Release of Medical Information Form of the concerned patient by FAX

    Please prepare a Release of Medical Information Form (including test request forms) and forward these by FAX to MediLocus.
    Please give the original Release of Medical Information Form to the patient, and ask the patient to bring it to MediLocus on the day of the tests.

  3. Receipt of the concerned documents by FAX

    St. Luke’s MediLocus will send an appointment slip, test explanation form and written consent form as necessary, and questionnaire by FAX to the requesting medical institution.
    Please hand these to the patient.

Test Results

The Test Results Report is sent by postal mail to the referring medical institute within 1 week after the test was performed.
(Please note, in case a biopsy specimen was taken during endoscopy and submitted for pathology tests, it may take up to two weeks to receive the pathology results.) If the test results are urgently needed, please contact us at TEL: 03-3527-9520.
The report of the test results is printed on a sheet of paper (hard copy) and the imaging data is provided in CD format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive the test results?
The results are sent to the medical institution approximately 1 week after the test was performed.