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A tie-up with the newest fitness theory stating that exercise is "medicine.

Seeking for the body management from both medical and physical perspectives, we offer a program cooperating with "R-body project," a pioneer in the personal training field in Japan. Athletic trainers receiving high evaluation from top athletes and general public provide each member with an individualized evaluation of body functions.

Exercise Program of "R-body project"


This is a checkup and evaluation program of body functions to provide an improvement plans based on your own goals and purposes. The trainer will accurately measure your current posture, habits of daily movement, flexibility and body composition, etc., including muscular balance.


This is a training program proposed and implemented based on the results of S・O・A・P. This training sequence improves one’s original body functions and nurtures the best performance for each individual. Here the words "improvement of performance" apply not only to sports activities but also to all kinds of advancement to a new stage, such as the recovery from injuries, improvement of daily movements, and building up physical strength.


R BODY PROJECTR-body project is a medical fitness facility. The athletic trainers here have provided exercise support based on sports medicine to top international athletes, and they can offer problem solutions that suit you best.

Representative : Takeshi Suzuki

Exercise is Medicine

If "exercise" is properly practiced, the exercise itself should become "training" for performance improvement. Also, if you suffer pain caused by improper movement, a comparison to functional movement will serve as an "assessment", and exercise itself will be a "therapy" if the pain can be healed by proper movement. In short, if exercise is functional, it can be a "medicine" usable to various purposes, making it indispensable for preventive health care. Relieve the anxiety related to your physicals by understanding your body. Move your body and gain physical prevention and improvement. It's simple, but isn't it a foundation to a healthy and happy living?

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