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Mammography GE Senographe PristinaTM

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in female

Among female, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and one of the leading cause of cancer death. However, the chances of survival are very high, when breast cancer is detected and treated at an early stage. Very early breast cancers are usually easier to treat, may need less treatment, and are more likely to be cured.

Regular screening mammography is recommended for early detection of breast cancer

It has been reported that breast self examination does not prevent deaths due to breast cancer. At present, the mammographic screening is essential for early detection of breast cancer. Especially, the repeat mammography has a high diagnostic value.

Comfort for Patients and Superior diagnostic accuracy

The Senographe Pristina mammography system was designed to ease anxiety when the patient enters the exam room. The new, inviting gantry promotes a sense of calm, with elegant lighting and gentle, rounded shapes. A soft-curved surface invites patients into a space of comfort and support. Also, this system is equipped with the latest 3D digital mammography technology and enhances the visualization of breast lesions with lower X-ray doses.