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Screening equipment


PET-CT GE Discovery PET/CT 690

What is PET-CT ?

PET is the medical imaging modality called “positron emission tomography”. PET will detect cancer cells, which consume more glucose than normal cells. The examination is done by injection of the medicine “18F-FDG” similar to glucose and imaging the accumulation. The combination of PET and CT in one machine (PET-CT ) enables the detection of cancer with excellent image quality.

Improved speed and accuracy

Head-to -toe cancer screening is now possible in about 25 minutes. Breakthrough technology displays excellent photographic image quality. PET-CT improves the combination of both speed and accuracy at a high dimension.

Safe and comfortable screening

”ASiR” technique on Discovery PET/CT 690 system makes it possible to offer high quality images with low radiation exposure.
More comfortable screening is now available in which patients rest after quietly an injection. High quality ”breathing Synchronized Imaging” controls the image blurring caused by breathing thus enabling the detection of small lesions without the need of breath-holding.